Protesting Wednesday

Wednesday is a busy day in Dail Eireann and as such is also a busy day for demonstrations; today was no exception with protests from Roscommon Against Headshops and Survivors Against Abuse in Industrial Schools as well as two men who have been at the Dail for a couple of days protesting against Civil Partnerships, judging by one of the blokes’ signs its just gay men they have a problem with, lesbians are okay obviously :)




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10 Responses to “Protesting Wednesday”

  1. lydia marsh Says:

    Jesus the crazies were out yesterday – enough to send you off to the nearest head-shop!

  2. Bren Says:

    I’m always amused by the idea that Civil Partnership is an ‘Assault on Christian Belief’. Someone should just come out and say “No, we won’t force you to become homosexual – we just want to ensure there is equality in society. When you think about it, it’s probably what Jesus would have wanted. Although he did cavort with prostitutes and break the Sabbath, so who knows what to think, eh!”

  3. redmum Says:

    @Lydia Marsh I reckon I’ll try to get more of this, I generally do try to get all the protests, but I think I will make it a concerted effort as sometimes there are some very colourful characters!

    @Bren I am just always surprised when they constantly quote the Old Testament, I mean why? Surely if you’re gonna quote the Bible should it not be the New Testament?

  4. Eoin O'Mahony Says:

    Leviticus himself was only saying last week that he’s been ‘quoted out of context’ all the time. Nice guy but doesn’t like them gays.

    So Roscommon wants closure eh? Well, we all need closure.

  5. lydia marsh Says:

    could we not just close Roscommon? would anyone miss it?

  6. red mum Says:

    @Eoin yeah the closure sign is nearly as odd as the massively long sign, did you see what Allan did with it, bloody funny.

    @Lydia might save a few bob too ;)

  7. Eoin O'Mahony Says:

    Yea, the boy done well alright. Enjoy the weekend that’s in it.

    I love Roscommon: it’s like a little bit of Longford left over.

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