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Dum dum duuuummmmmm

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

A DRUMROLL please, tomorrow the Junior Cert results are in… In a couple of hours, my baby will have completed her first cycle of State exams, done and dusted and results in hand.

However it goes we are going to go out and celebrate with dinner. Sure what can you do, as I said before worse things happen at sea. And this time is something to celebrate.

So we’ll grab an early dinner with some pals (one has a young baby) and then head back for a mini-party, after all it is still a school night ;)

And isn’t that much better than the customary Junior Cert celebrations where they all get dolled up to the nines, get a carry out, get pissed and then finish their night throwing up somewhere.

So tomorrow the Young Wan will be well-behaved and it will be me getting dolled up to the nines, getting a carry out, getting pissed and ending the evening peuking ;) Oh and yeah, wish her/us luck.


RM May 5 – Three weeks and counting

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Just catching up on a few columns here, bear with me. This is from the start of May when the countdown to the Junior Cert stepped up a notch.

Three weeks and counting

Three weeks and counting, no, not the election, the dum dum dummmmm Junior Cert. There have been deadlines for projects, art exams, last minute preparations, stress (mostly from me) and studying, thank God.

There has also been some last minute expenses, such as paying to register for the exam and more than a little snottiness from the school.

Apparently the Young Wan asked me sometime ago to get the past papers for History. I promptly forgot. When she has asked me to get stuff, I always tell her to remind me when I am in work, because I will and have forgotten.

Apparently her teacher threw a wobbler on Monday and herself and a gang of non-History past paper holders were told to leave the class.

The school then phoned my home, despite constantly being told if they want to talk to me to use my mobile, where they talked to Nanny.

Well they actually scolded Nanny like a bold child, why do teachers adopt this tone? It is not as if I am going to ignore what they say and reward herself for bad behaviour. If she is in the wrong I will and do take the necessary action.

So I do not appreciate ever having a teacher give out to me for the Young Wan’s alleged bad behaviour.

To make matters worse Nanny then phoned the Young Wan who was now in her next class setting off her mobile phone, a hanging offence in her school.

Course when the school phoned and said she had been put out of class Nanny thought she was put out for the day so she called her. While her phone was on vibrate, the Young Wan was caught frantically trying to turn it off.

So now the Young Wan’s phone has been confiscated as she was caught trying to turn iut off and if we are to get it back I must fork out €20. I am refusing. While she shouldn’t have had the phone on, the incident was preceded by the school’s behaviour.

When I phoned up they told me she was texting, I said she wasn’t texting but I didn’t have the full information of what happened until I got home.

So when I eventually got back onto them and told them so they stuck to their guns, so I told them to check the phone logs and they can find out for themselves.

I also complained about the tone the teacher used when talking to my Mum and again the school saw nothing wrong with this.

Well I do, I am not a bold child, my Mum is not a bold child and if the school wants parents on their side they should drop the patronising and ‘you’ve been very naughty’ tone.

Notice the way I haven’t yet ranted about the wisdom of barring a child from your class weeks before their first major exam, way to go to be supportive Teacher!

Now this is where I lost the plot with the Young Wan. When I was told of the incidents there was no mention of ‘Mum you HAVE to get me those papers’, I thought it concerned something she had already and didn’t bring to class. Nothing to this effect was said when I told her at this stage she really needs to be more organised.

No I was clueless until she was put out of class again two days later. Seriously. That’ll teach her, not.

Once again way to go Teacher.

I know it was my fault she didn’t have them and this has now been rectified but I still feel this was way too heavy handed, petty and frustrating.

The sooner this Junior Cert ordeal is over, the better.


Young Wan’s Junior Cert Diary – Day 6

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Day 6 – Business 1 and 2

I went over everything for Business, I can’t stand business and can’t wait to drop it. I don’t mind business but I hate the accounting part of it all.

Business 1: I think I did well on this paper but I am not expecting miracles when the results come back. It was a lot of short questions put together and then Section B was six long questions and we had to do four. They are like Mary and her family went on holiday, the brocure said they are five mins from the beach but they are actually five miles. What law was broken? Write a letter of complain. I think I did alright on Paper 1.

Business 2: Paper 2 was arrgghhhh, warrghhh, terrible, the worst paper I have done so far. Terrible there is no more I can say, oh maybe, disastrous, catastrophe.

Overall: Meh *shakes hand to and fro*

Tomorrow: Science, last day, last day, last day, last day. Ohh last day.


Young Wan’s Junior Cert Diary – Day 5

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Day 5 – French, History

Studying for French involved me going over phrases over and over again. I was going over new words and verbs and tenses and well French in general. For History I went over my notes and

I also got assigned again to verify that the superintendents didn’t open the exam papers before it was time to open them.

French: First of all we had a listening test, then we had the actual exam. The listening test was really easy because it was like mostly concentrating on numbers, half the time it only takes one word and you cope onto to what the word was. We given a load of questions to answer about someone, what they like, what age they are, etc.

All the questions except for last two were reading comprehensions. The last questions were a note and a letter. The paper was okay, I think I did well, I think I didn’t do badly.

History: History was harder, I was really lucky, I answered 15 of the short questions, you have to answer 10. We are always told to answer more in case. I think I knew them all. They were like what is an artifact? Give an example of a secondary source? It was so easy it was brilliant.

We had two documents and two pictures. They were okay, the documents were pretty much relating to a question like a reading comprehension, the answer was in the text. I had to write an account on a monk in a monastery, Leonardo Da Vinci and a Roman. Well it was an ancient civilisation and I choose Rome.

Overall: Grand

Tomorrow: Business 1 and 2


Young Wan’s Junior Cert Diary – Day 4

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Day 4 – Geography, Maths 2

I got a bit of studying done over the weekend. I spent my time switching back from maths to geography and I think I got a good lot done. Before the maths exam everyone was going crazy trying to remember theorems and trying to get the sin, co sin and trigonometry down. That made me feel very nervous and I was mostly revising for trig as I wanted to get at least 50 marks down.

Geography: It was funny because the night before I was looking at and it was about fold mountains. The exact same stuff came up on the exam and I was delighted. It was only worth about nine marks but it was part of a whole question.

We had a question on ordinance surveys and I didn’t choose that as I forgot how to do it and picked the other questions instead. One was a photo that we had to draw a sketch map of and outline stuff.

The only thing that really annoyed me was the layout of the paper, which was nothing like the mocks. In the mocks we only got one paper and in the Junior Cert we got two sections.

Maths 2: I think I did well on the first question and question six. The other questions were about finding the area and we are allowed the formula, I tried my best to work them out. Overall it was fine, it could have been worse.

Overall: So so

Tomorrow: History, French

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