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Some [old] pics

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

THE house move has uncovered lots of pics from years ago that I forgot I had even taken so expect more older non-digital photography over the next while. The amount of negatives I have isn’t funny and at some stage I will need to get into a darkroom to document them properly. Course I was bold the first time around and didn’t do contact sheets all the time and I regret that now. But sure. Some day they will all be sorted and filed away appropriately.

Now on to the pics. The first two were taken in Belfast (at the same time as this pic) 10 years ago. I love the stance of the guy with the hurly and guy lying on the wall behind him. The last one is Martin Stephenson whom I have loved since I was a teenager and I was fortunate enough to meet him and share a couple of pints and he is as lovely as his music is great. it was taken during one of his gigs in Whelans about 11 years ago, Jaysus where does the time fly to?.

Cuchulain - the Hound of Ulster

The lads

Martin Stephenson with Gypsy Dave - not the Daintees


Grumpy Old Women – Part 7

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Red Mum*warning big rant to follow*

I THOUGHT I would resurrect my Grumpy Old Woman series, it has been a while, June actually, and not because I haven’t had grumpy moments, oh I have, but I had an evening of it last night so no better excuse to pull out my gingerama pic.

Tetra and I had been looking forward to the Feist gig for ages, they were playing in the Tripod and have been sold out for a while.

The band themselves were brilliant, she is fantastic with such a beautiful voice, but the venue was absolutely awful, woeful.

We were crammed in like sardines, that surely must have been against fire regulations if anything had happened last night.

The evening itself started off well, Tetra and I went for pizza and then headed up to meet with Mr Mulley and Alexia before heading into the gig.

It was absolutely jammers, seriously packed, with ten-deep people at the bar though in fairness you expect that. Then the gig started and so did the people at the back, with their talking.

If you haven’t been to Tripod before there is the main hall, half of which is raised and is the bar area. There is another bar at the other side and it made sense, to me anyway, to keep the other side open and close the bar within the main venue itself.

But they didn’t and somehow people at the back thought their innane chatterings added to Leslie Feist’s amazing voice, they didn’t. At times Tetra was turning around and telling people to shush.

We managed to find a spot where we could just about see the stage, well just about, I spent most of the time looking at the backs of Mr Baldy, Mr Smelly and Mr Long Flipping Hair.

I was constantly pushing my hair off my face only to realise it was Mr Long Flipping Hair. I didn’t realise Mr Smelly was actually Mr Smelly until he high-crossed his arms right in front of my nose and Mr Baldy somehow managed to have so much more room than anyone cos he was moving all over the place.

Oh and here’s an open message to Little Miss Pushy, you nearly knocked me over not because as you said of my large bag, it was because you were a pushy shite. And yes I did notice that you managed again to shove me out of the way as you returned to your spot. I also noticed the parting of the sea of people as you made your way through. It’s funny how no one else managed to nearly knock me off my feet as you did despite my large bag.

And Little Miss beside me how on earth did you manage to shift me over from my vantage point where I could just about peer over the shoulders of Mr Long Flipping Hair and Mr Smelly. Being about six inches smaller than me I don’t see how my spot suited you better.

I found myself trying to deal with the moving crowd in the same manner than I do walking down Grafton or Henry Street. I try to walk in a straight line and not veer off from it. Course it doesn’t work I either end up being banged on the shoulder by a passerby or I end up walking along abandoning my straight line plans and dodging left and right out of people’s ways. How do those people seem to manage to walk in the straight line while no matter how I try I can never manage it.

So last night in the same ilk I tried to stand my spot and it didn’t work at all.

On top of all that the bar were running some crazy rules where drinks are served in plastic glasses while bottles are beer are served with glass bottles! Now this makes no sense whatsoever.

If I were so inclined I could do damage with the glass bottle. On top of all that I was drinking wine which was sold in the little bottles. Because I still had wine in my plastic glass I asked could they give me back the lid. Apparently it is house policy not too, which I questioned as being stupid and despite having been given the lid before. Incidentially the next drink had the lid on it, nothing like a bit of consistency.

So I was back in the hall, balancing a glass and an open small bottle of wine, a bottle of beer, my big bag and the non-budging people.

We were so far back that I only managed two shots of Feist, one of which I am kinda okay with and then we retreated to the other bar where we could hear them but not see them. Though seeing as how we couldn’t really see them anyway it seemed like the best plan.


All this had Tetra and I talking about how we are just getting old. Twenty years ago we would have been holding onto the bar at the front. Seeing as it is twenty years later that isn’t the bar we want to hold onto.

So we decided that we want to return to the Las Vegas type shows, where you buy tickets for a booth, with a lamp on it and waiting staff bring you drinks, hey even a supper. Once we eat we want to be entertained. Considering last night’s tickets were €25-ish, I’d pay €50 for a seat at a gig. Hey but then I’m just a grumpy old woman with sore feet.


Joan as Police Woman in Vicar Street

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

I WENT to see Joan As Police Woman the other night in Vicar Street, excellent show altogether. It is a strange venue with all the seats practically piled up on top of each other. But it is intimate which is great. I imagine it is intimidating for a performer but Joan as Policewoman had the crowd eating of their hands.

I got some videos and some pics. So here you go.

Joan as Police Woman

Joan as Police Woman

Joan as Police Woman


The First Gig – RM column July 27

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Apologies this has been posted before so I’ll put up a couple of the last Red Mum columns at the same time so as not to bore you completely

The Young Wan recently went to her first gig in HMV with a pal and without me and she was sooo excited. Her excitement was palpable since I said she could go. She was so delighted that people only needed to look at her sideways before she would say ‘I’m going to a gig!’ She was thrilled. And I enjoyed laughing at her telling all and sundry ‘I’m going to a gig’ ‘did I say I was going to a gig’ ‘I’m off now to the gig I was telling you about’.

Deciding what to wear was also fun. The cool (as in not warm – but it is actually cool-looking on her) dress was a no-no because she would be moshing and her sandled feet could be a problem. I said then don’t mosh because you will be roasting in those jeans in this weather. Ah Mammies – we are just too sensible for our own good. Just one question though do people mosh in a record shop?

Ah the innocence of it all brings an auld tear to the eye.

However you should consider the fact I brought her to the Pixies and Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert in the Phoenix Park two years ago. Despite my thoughts on that being a very cool thing for a mum to do.

My own mum used to bring me to Sonny Knowles concerts so I think a lot of credit is due to me. I also brought the Young Wan to Justin Timberlake and other concerts. But nah a lunchtime gig in HMV with some band she had never heard of before is well cooler. Mummies are just not cool.

The best person to tell us more is probably herself so it is over to the Young Wan.

Young Wan: “I went to my first gig on Friday.

“It was uh be polite or honest ok it SUCKED. The band was indie and I hate indie. It is soooooooo boring, it is all old. It was in HMV on Grafton Street and there were about 50 people there. There was no moshing (head banging) whatsoever. Well I am proud to say I did my best but I ended up knocking over a stack of Shirley Temple’s greatest film hits on dvd (she had it coming!!!!).

“So we moved very quickly to the front of the gig. Then we saw him. He was tall with long blacky-brown hair and about 16. I didn’t fancy him or anything but he was wearing a t-shirt, a t-shirt whose logo represents my hopes and dreams, a t-shirt which read in clear bold red writing PANTERA (the best band of all time). Wooooooooooooooo we were not alone in this gig. I told my friend Jay so we went over and got talking to him. Then we talked some more and before we knew it it was the end of the gig.

“Jay had to buy a CD of the band for her mum because we got the tickets after her Mum met them on a flight to Dublin. So Jay got the band to autograph it for her mum. After the gig me, jay and the guy we met went around town for a while we had a great time and exchanged e-mail addresses.

“The moral of the story is beware indie bands.”

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My first concert 1980s style

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

SEEING as how my last two posts including the Young Wan’s contribution were about first gigs, I thought I would share with you my first gig. Laugh and I will hunt you down.

Unlike the Young Wan who has been brought to gigs by me and some cool ones as I have already highlighted twice no less, my own Mum brought me to lots of Sonny Knowles concerts. Cool no, but did I enjoy them yeah, come on I was eight years old.

Sonny Knowles

Anyway the theme of this is my first concert with pals. And it was to King when I was 13, remember Paul King of ‘Thats what my heart yearns for now, love and pride’ and MTV fame.

Paul King, Love and Pride
Isn’t he dreamy?

My pals TawdreyAudrey who occasionally leaves a comment here and CC who also pops by now and again were my companions. Well really I was their’s because they had tickets and I didn’t.

But dolled up we got and off we went because I was going to chance my arm and try to get in free, an enormous passtime in Belfast in the 1980s.

So we went up to the security and I told some cock and bull story about how we all bought our tickets together but I lost mine and was there any chance, please, please, please, please, would they let me in without in. And they did.

This became my job over the years something to do with having an innocent face or something. We would try everyweek to get in free to the Plaza (any other Belfastites remember the Delta and Plaza?) with excuses that a rockabilly took our money and stole our carryouts. The best thing about these clubs was you brought your own drink.

Course when I was actually old enough to go there, is there an age limit on an underground club?, my Mum mortified me one time ensuring I didn’t go back for a while.

She decided one Friday night that it would be cool for me to go out with her so off she traipsed to the Plaza thinking I would be there only I was actually at home and tucked up in bed.

When she got home she recounted what happened starting with ‘You are going to kill me’. She had called to the door of the plaza and asked the doormen (such a wrong description of them but however) if they knew me and if I was there. Off they went and the next thing she heard all over the place was my name being announced by the DJ saying ‘is *my name* here, yer MMMMMAAAAAAAAAs looking ye!’.

The word Ma is a mad one in Belfast and a source of many jokes, my favourite being ‘yer MMMMAAAAAS yer da’ or the more charming ‘tell yer MMMAAAAAA the fivers behind the clock’ actually in Belfast they say ‘clack’.

Jaysus I couldn’t show my face there for weeks.

But back to the King concert, Paul King looked at me when he sang, he really did :)

I remember my ears ringing for days afterwards. Course none of it compared to what it was like going to Dublin for a concert which I wrote about last year here. That was a really magical time for me as a teenager.

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