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‘Doing’ the kitchen

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

THIS has to be a record, herself has been ‘doing’ the kitchen since 8pm, it is now 12.11am. When I say ‘doing’ obviously I mean talking on the phone, listening to music and dancing about like a mad thing.

You’d think there was loads to do, there wasn’t/isn’t. There were few dishes, groceries to put away and to clear away the corners where she has been cultivating the beginnings of clutter; you know the sort, tea-towels, tea-bags, ketchup, plates, etc.

Anyway I can hear her gabbing away, looks like she will be definitely beating her record this evening. So much for early to bed to start trying to get back into school mode!


Parmesan Chicken

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

I HAD Ellybabes over last night for dinner and I made this chicken dish (just the chicken part mind you) from Smitten Kitchen and lovely it was too.

But seeing as how my week was mad and seeing as how I was babysitting from early on Saturday I didn’t get to the shop and sent the Young Wan to the supermarket for the necessaries. And I wrote her a list too, but she seems to have an aversion to lists, always has done.

The amount of times I have discovered the long-listed note after she has left for the shop. Or indeed the amount of times she has come back, minus the note, and minus most of the main items and many additional new ones, I have lost count on both of those.

Even though this happens more than I’d like you would think that I would’ve learned by now, never mind herself. And once again over the weekend, she was sent to the supermarket with a list that I had put together over a while in between cleaning. One of the main ingredients was Parmesan, a small wedge, not flakes, not the one you get in a container; a small wedge of Parmesan.

So she phones from the supermarket and has forgotten the note, course at this stage so have I, all I can remember is Parmesan and eggs. Luckily the Young Wan remembers the bread crumbs but forgets, despite it being on the list and despite being told on the phone, the Parmesan.

Now she was in a rush to get out to the cinema but had been warned on the phone that if she forgot something that I needed she would have to go back out to get it, I was babysitting with no pram so I couldn’t run up later.

When I realised there was no Parmesan, a vital ingredient in Parmesan chicken, she was told she would have to go back up; her face dropped.

“Do you need it?, she asked.

“Yes I need Parmesan for Parmesan chicken.”

*penny drops followed by a big sigh* “Can you not make cheddar chicken, we have lots of cheddar?

“Nope, you’ll have to run quickly.”

So she did, and came back with those flakes which aside from being a waste of money in comparison to getting a small block, are harder to break down into smaller pieces. But better than nothing.

I would definitely recommend the Smitten Kitchen chicken recipe. You do need to have your frying pan sizzling hot, which was hard on an electric cooker, but it was lovely and well worth doing.


Meal for one

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

ACH I was making myself something to eat earlier and found myself lifting two plates out of the cupboard and of course herself is in France. Sighing I put it back.

Then I went to lift a spoon out of the drawer and it was dirty, the next was really dirty, the next was greasy, the fourth meh, finally on the fifth go, a clean spoon.

The knife and fork weren’t far off either. I sighed again for completely different reasons. One of my clean-ups while she is away involves the cutlery drawer. What joy; sighs again.


Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

MY WEE baby, ha, is off on a school exchange trip tomorrow for a week and a half to Bergerac in France, no not the Channel Islands that is Bergerac the detective you eejit :) To say we are having a stressful evening would not go far enough.

She also made plans to go to get a lift to the airport with her pal’s Dad only it involved me waving her off at the house before I went to work! As if… So hopefully they won’t mind that I bring her up a little while before arranged, its too late now to phone and arrange it. I want to wave her off with someone I know will get her to where she needs to be, not leave her at the house for her to make her own way, once again, as if… Unfortunately I can’t bring her out myself, work is too mad and I have already taken time off to sort her out for the trip. I cannot take a morning off on our busiest day of the week. Can I stop feeling guilty about that now please?

Anyway the dog who was pacing around the suitcase earlier, she knows what it means, has now stuck her head between two cushions. And of course as soon as I tried to quietly lift out my camera from my bag, she moved. She is a dreadful model. Ah fantastic she has put it back again :)


Despite telling the Young Wan to make sure everything she needed was put to the side there has been a lot of ‘where is this other shoe’ or ‘do you plan on bringing a coat? Currently the washing machine is washing a coat which I will somehow dry between now and the morning (once again thank the gods for central heating).

Anyway I am away back to work. Passport, check, spending money, check, no liquids in hand baggage, check. Now where is that other shoe?


Bloody oh la la

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

I JUST got a text from the Young Wan which says (and I quote exactly):

“Im got picked 4 france.! =D =D YAY”

Mmm Im got delighted for her!.

Wonder where she’s going to find the €500 for this exchange trip. It is something we have discussed in theory where we agree she should take part in this exchange trip, however we never discussed money until last night when she was telling me she was surprised it was €500 as she thought it would be more… Jaysus they are very good with others money.

So even if the money is found between now and the dealdine which I suspect maybe sooner rather than later, she may sort out her bedroom as you wouldn’t voluntarily make anyone go in there, never mind stay.

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