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The Apprentice winner is….

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Simon won the Apprentice. Poo. Kristina I think you were the best, hands down.


Great Irish Women – on the telly

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

You may remember Susan Jocelyn Bell from my Great Irish Women series. A hugely lauded and accomplished scientist, Susan discovered pulsars when she was only 24 years old.

Well BB1 Northern Ireland is showing a programme about her this evening, sorry I meant to blog about it before now, at 10:45pm ‘Northern Star’.

Astrophysicist Susan will talk about the impact of her massive discovery, being a woman in the science field and more I am sure.

Now the real question is whether or not Nanny will allow me to watch the show. Seriously I have to fight over the remote control. But seeing as how the apprentice is on shortly and she LOVES the show, as do I now thanks to herself and Tetra, so maybe I will get to watch about our own Nobel Prize winner.

Okay okay she didn’t win the prize but it was her discovery that won the prize and that is as good as in my book.

Oh and I hope Kristina wins The Apprentice. I thought that other eejit woman, Katie, was an absolute talker with no substance whatsoever. ‘Global Brand Consultant’, yeah yeah, for the Met Office. How does that work? That title to me reeks of ‘Refuse Technician’ for ‘Bin Collector’ to me. The guy Simon inspires nothing in me, I thought he was sh*te, all talk again with crazy ideas, likeable though.

Anyway do check out Northern Star on BBC1 at 10:45pm. Right I’m off to watch the Apprentice.


Never let Nanny near the remote

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

The green writing on the pic apparently says volume…

Never let Nanny near the remote

Never let Nanny near the remote. Nuff said.


America’s Next Top Model is crack/craic

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

“My name is Red Mum and I am addicted to America’s Next Top Model.” There I have admitted it for all to see.

The Young Wan is also addicted, she was practically clapping her hands with glee when it came on this evening, for the last time in this current series. By the way is it terrible to bring herself down with me in my admission? Ah who cares, one down, all down. Hey sure even Nanny loves it and as she is visiting friends tonight I had to record it for her.

The fact that it is repeated continuously on Living TV which broadcasts the show, wasn’t enough, Nanny wanted it recorded. So we have.

We all love it. For me, I love the photo shoots, I LOVE seeing the images from the photo shoots. I love looking at the lighting, working out the lighting, it is just addictive. The added nastiness and craic is just plain icing on the cake.

The fact that a pal from Flickr has had photographs featured on the show, something I learned a while after I met, was pure excitement. Do check out her/Mymsie’s pics on Flickr, they are amazing and tell her I said hello. She also has a website too.

Can you imagine me watching the programme and squealing with excitement telling my pal Mar (who was watching the show under duress) ‘that’s Mymsie’s pics‘. It was more than cool to see pics I know from Flickr on a show I also love. Here’s some more.

And now the current series being shown here is over and Cari-Dee won (yippeeee from our household – we didn’t want Melrose to win – I know I know I am sad).

What are they going to show next week, it better be the next season. Seriously it better be. I have had enough mourning over the end of Life on Mars.

Though I loved the ending, what is so wrong with Happy Endings. One of the worst endings in the world was for Thelma and Louise.

And yes I know I should love it, two women deciding their own destiny, but they died. They died…

I wanted a deus ex machina to sort it out, was that too much to ask? That’s what I loved about Life on Mars, aside from the lovely Simms, it had the fantastical wonderful happy ending, perfect. That’s me happy.

Now could someone go back and sort out a happy ending to Thelma and Louise, and also bring back the next series of America’s Next Top Model? Please.

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It all started with Swap Shop

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

ON the whole the telly was seriously sh*te over the Christmas break but I did enjoy ‘It all started with Swap Shop’ which was on over the last couple of days a programme which we watched religiously in our house every Saturday in the 1970s.

It started with swap shop

Swap Shop is one of the programmes which gets a mention when people talk about their favourite childhood shows like Top of the Pops on a Thursday night, or Bagpuss or whatever.

I have made the mistake of talking to friends from down the country about Swap Shop only to get this puritanical mantra ‘we only had RTE in our house’. Oohhh sorry.

Well in our house we did have BBC and ITV and in the early 1980s we got an RTE aerial, I think by that stage I had either stopped watching Swap Shop or it had finished.

My Daddy was the double of Swap Shop presenter Noel Edmonds and people would tell him that all the time. I remember a neighbour saying to me when I was about seven that I was very lucky to have Noel Edmonds for a Daddy and I remember thinking ‘what an eejit’.

Swap Shop

Given the splurge of kid’s television, much of which is quality, it is mad to think there was a time when kids were not catered for in the way they are now.

I remember Saturday mornings (just about) before Swap Shop when the vast majority of kid’s programming involved half hour dramas from Eastern Europe which were badly dubbed and involved kids going around solving mysteries and the like. Then there were the old favourites like Champion the Wonder horse or The Flashing Blade.

Course it was RTE that broadcast the magical HRPufNStuff.

So for all of you who liked Swap Shop too here are some outtakes. In fairness they aren’t that hilarious, but sure.

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